19 days from/ to Lilongwe
Malawi, Zambia
Price on demand

This guided camping safari takes you to the “warm heart” of Africa, as Malawi is often called. Malawi a country in southern Africa, with its friendly people, has a great treasure, Lake Malawi, one of the largest lakes in Africa. The crystal clear water is great for snorkeling for the colorful ornamental fish, and boat trips by kayak or catamaran are a great way to explore the lake. But there are also mountains like the Zomba Plateau and the Mulanje Massif, where you feel like you are in the Black Forest and where you can do excellent hiking. In addition, national parks, the Majete, Nkhotakota and Liwonde National Park these are successfully built in recent years by Sanparks, here you can still go undisturbed on game drives to the Big Five. For us, Malawi is one of the most interesting, diverse countries in Southern Africa and we are happy to offer you an expedition to Malawi in 2020 – with a visit to South Luangwa Park in Zambia.


  • Game drives in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia
  • Game drives in Majete National Park in Malawi
  • Hike on the Zomba Plateau
  • Snorkeling and swimming in crystal clear Lake Malawi
  • Catamaran ride on Lake Malawi
  • Visit a pottery
group size 3 – 4
Accommodation 3m x 3m dome tent Catering according to offer Guide
Entrance fees in Zambia and Malawi Catamaran trip on Lake Malawi Gamedrives in National Parks in Zambia and Malawi
Visa fees

Additional information

NoteThis safari has an expedition character, i.e. the itinerary is only a guide and can be changed at the request of the fellow travelers if, for example, there is a need to change the itinerary. a place pleases everyone well, there is a possibility that we stay there longer. Please note: most of the accommodations/campsites are of a simpler standard and cannot be compared to the Namibian standard.

This route is only an approximate guide. On site we will discuss the next days together, so that we can flexibly arrange most of the days according to your wishes.


Tag 1 Ankunft: Lusaka - Chipata/ Sambia

Welcome to Zambia!

Arrival at Zambia International Airport, where Harry will be waiting for you. It would be good if you arrive in the morning, because then we can go further near the South Luangwa Park. Otherwise we will have to stay overnight at a campsite near Lusaka or on the way to Chipata.
Overnight: Campsite near Chipata (M, A)


Tag 2: Chipata - South Luangwa Nationalpark

Today we leave Chipata for the South Luangwa National Park. South Luangwa National Park gets its name from the mighty Luangwa River. It is the southernmost of three parks in the Luangwa Valley and the most famous park in Zambia. Founded in 1938, it was initially a protected area, and in the early 1970s it was declared a national park. It covers an area of 9050 km². Due to its diverse landscapes and central location on a major river, it is home to a large wildlife population: there are over 200 different species of mammals and around 400 species of birds living together in this national park.
Overnight: Campsite at South Luangwa National Park (B, M, A)

Tag 3: South Luangwa Nationalpark

The South Luangwa National Park is our destination again today. During the gamedrive in the most famous national park in Zambia, we hope to see some of the large and diverse wildlife population. There are Thorneycroft giraffes here, as well as large herds of elephants and buffalo, often several hundred in size. The Luangwa River is home to numerous Nile crocodiles and hippos. Back at our campsite we can enjoy the sundowner overlooking the Luangwa. We may have a visit from a hippo at the campsite during the night.
Overnight: Campsite at South Luangwa National Park (B, M, A)

Tag 4: South Luangwa/ Sambia - Lilongwe - Dedza/ Malawi

We leave the South Luangwa Park and drive via Chipata to Malawi. After a short drive we reach the capital Lilongwe. Here you can still do some shopping. Later we start our way towards Blantyre, after about 90 km we reach the small sympathetic town of Dedza. Here at 1600 m surrounded by mountains and pine forests we spend the night at the Dedza Pottery campsite. Those who are interested can visit the pottery or take a hike in the nearby mountain landscape.
Overnight: Dedza Pottery Campsite (F, M, A)

Tag 5: Dedza - Zomba Plateau

Today we will go to the Zomba Plateau. The Zomba Plateau is the northern foothill of the Shire Highlands and was declared a forest reserve as early as 1913. Here, mountain forests, reservoirs and waterfalls invite you to hike, along the streams and in steep slopes you can find tropical virgin forests.
Overnight: Campsite at Zomba Plateau or in Zomba (B, M, A)

Tag 6: Zomba Plateau

We stay one more day on the Zomba Plateau. Due to the high altitude of the plateau, temperatures are pleasant, making the area perfect for hiking along streams or across the open grasslands. A local guide explains the tropical vegetation to us.
Overnight: Campsite at Zomba Plateau or in Zomba (B, M, A)

Tag 7: Zomba Plateau - Majete Nationalpark

From Zomba we pass through Blantyre, the largest city in southern Malawi, along a steep and winding panaroma road into the lowlands of the Shire. Via a gravel road we reach our campsite at Majete National Park.
Overnight: Campsite at Majete National Park with pool (B, M, A)

Day 8 and Day 9: Majete National Park

On these two days we will go on game drives in Majete Park. After the game in Majete Park was very decimated by poaching, the park was taken over by Sanparks and is now also a “Big Five Park”. With a little luck we will manage to see elephants, buffalos and antelopes. Later we can relax by the pool or enjoy the view of the Shire River.
Overnight: Campsite at Majete National Park with pool (B, M, A)

Tag 10: Majete Nationalpark - Cape Maclear Nationalpark - Chembe

It’s off to Lake Malawi! The bay of Cape Maclear National Park is beautifully situated and framed by cliffs. The white beaches stand out against the clear, blue-green water. In the fishing village of Chembe on this peninsula, we stay the next 3 nights.
Overnight stay: Campsite near Chembe directly at the lake (F, M, A)

Tag 11: Chembe/ Cape Maclear Nationalpark

This day is at leisure: the beach invites you to rest and swim, while walking along the beach you pass through the lively fishing village with its various bars and pubs. A boat tour in the national park leads to beautiful places where you can snorkel in the crystal clear water. In the evening we enjoy a sundowner and one of the legendary glowing red sunsets.
Overnight stay: Campsite near Chembe directly at the lake (F, M, A)

Tag 12: Chembe/ Cape Maclear Nationalpark

Another day in paradise: If interested, today there is the possibility to explore the lake by catamaran. On the islands nearby, ospreys have their nests and snorkeling allows us to discover the colorful ornamental fish that we know from the aquariums.
Overnight: Campsite near Chembe on the lake (F, M, A)

Tag 13: Chembe - Nkhotakota

We leave Cape Maclaer and drive north along the lake. Near Salima is the Mua Mission. Thanks to the commitment of a patron, a supra-regional cultural meeting place with an artists’ and craftsmen’s workshop developed here. If interested, we visit the Kungoni Museum, where Malawian art can be admired. Afterwards we continue to the vicinity of Nkhotakota, to our accommodation at the lake.
Overnight: Campsite near Nkhotakota on the lake (F, M, A)

Tag 14: Nkhotakota - Nkhotakota Nationalpark

In the Nkhotakota Game Reserve we try our luck today. The Nkhokatkota Game Reserve is the largest and oldest in Malawi. However, a tourist offer has existed only for a few years. It often still presents itself as a largely unexplored lonely wilderness. In 2015, San Parks took over management and has been adding animals ever since. After our gamedrive we go back to our campsite at the lake, here we can refresh ourselves with a bath in the lake.
Overnight: Campsite near Nkhotakota on the lake (F, M, A)

Tag 15: Nkhotakota - Chinteche

Along rice fields, rubber plantations, and remnants of the jungle, we continue north. Chinteche, with its fine, white sandy beaches broken up by smooth, sometimes bizarre rocky boulders, is our spot for the next 2 nights.
Overnight: Campsite near Chinteche at the lake (F, M, A)

Tag 16: Chinteche

We spend another day in Chinteche. At the Chinteche Inn is Malawian artists exhibit their work and hope to sell something. One of the artists we have been supporting for years and today we are taking a little hike along the beach to visit him.
Overnight: Campsite near Chinteche at the lake (F, M, A)

Tag 17: Chinteche - Salima

We drive towards Lilongwe and stop in Salima at the lake.
Overnight: Campsite near Salima at the lake (F, M, A)

Tag 18: Salima

Today is the last day at the lake. Enjoy the peace and quiet on the fine sandy beach, refresh yourself in the clear water and refuel once again before heading back to hectic Europe.
Overnight: Campsite near Salima Lake (F, M, A)

Day 19: Salima - Lilongwe

The safari is over. We drive from the lake to the capital Lilongwe to the airport – return flight towards home.


Price from: on request

Duration: 19 days to Lusaka / from Lilongwe

Number of participants: Minimum 3 – 6 people

Travel dates 2020: The safari is fully booked. For 2021 travel dates can be set individually.

As with all our Rafiki X-Dream Safaris, we try to take your individual wishes into consideration.

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.