Reliable vehicles for every adventure

Our expedition vehicles with four-wheel drive are optimally equipped and comfortably equipped. We prefer, older Landcruiser, here we know that no electrical system can fail – and then, for example, the windows can no longer be closed – everything is made of sturdy sheet metal – which gives more security in case of accidents – and last but not least, that we are able to get spare parts in any area or Harry is able to repair the car.

So that you can see well and take pictures comfortably, and since we often move on adventurous routes, we have specially modified our cars for safari purposes.

In addition to a complete camping equipment, there are also refrigerator and freezer, gas stove and water tank on board, or in the trailer. For your valuables (money, passport, air ticket, credit cards, etc.) a small safe is installed in the vehicles. A small travel library with guidebooks and books on mammals, birds, snakes and plants is also always at hand. Tents and padded iso-mats are sufficiently available.