14 days from/to Windhoek
from 2.950 €

On this guided safari, where you will stay in tents as well as in lodges/ tented camps or guesthouses, you will get to know the most beautiful places in the center and in the Kaokoveld of Namibia. From the – Epupa waterfalls at the border to Angola – with a visit to the “red herdsmen” of Kaokoveld the Himba – adventurous game drives to the endangered species. Desert elephants in the dry rivers of Kaokoveld – over the animal rich Etosha National Park up to the highest mountain massif – the Brandberg– this fascinating round trip through Namibia will lead you.


  • fascinating landscapes of Kaokoveld and Damaraland
  • thundering Epupa waterfalls at the border to Angola
  • Hike along the Kunene River
  • Visit to a Himba Kral – with insight into the life of the proud Himba, the “red herdsmen” in the Kaokovel
  • Game drives in the Hoanib, Huarasib – encounter with rare desert elephants possible
  • Bathing in Ongongo waterfall
  • Game drives in the wildlife rich Etosha National Park
  • Visit of the bushman drawings (White Lady) at Brandberg
group size 3 – 6
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ReiseartAccommodations: Camping and lodge

Tag 1 Ankunft: Windhoek - Omaruru

Welcome to Namibia!

After your arrival at Windhoek International Airport – if possible in the morning – you will be met by your German-speaking Rafiki-X-Dream guide. Afterwards we will go to Omaruru. Omaruru is considered to be the “artist town” of Namibia. During a sundowner and dinner under the shady acacia trees you can clarify any open questions with Harry.

Overnight stay: Kashana Guesthouse / double room (A)


Tag 2: Omaruru - Etosha Nationalpark

From Omaruru we drive via Otjiwarongo to Etosha National Park. Around noon we reach our accommodation in / at Etosha Park. The time until the sundowner we do a gamedrive, afterwards you can enjoy the view at the waterhole.

Overnight: Campsite in/at Etosha National Park with pool (B, M, A)


Tag 3: Etosha Nationalpark

We leave our camp in the morning for a full day game drive in Etosha National Park. The Etosha Pan is a salt pan of vast proportions in the 22,000 km² game-rich national park. During the game drive to the west, past countless water holes, you will have good opportunities to see zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, elephants, antelopes and with a little luck also lions and rhinos. At the new Camp Olifantsrust in the west of the National Park we will spend our tonight in the National Park.

Overnight: Campsite in Etosha National Park (B, M, A)


Tag 4: Etosha Nationalpark - Opuwo

After a morning game drive in Etosha National Park, we drive through untouched, lonely landscapes to Opuwo the capital of the Kaokoveld. Opuwo is the only major town located in the Kaokoveld – a largely untouched landscape where the traditional way of life of the Herero and Himba people has been preserved. Opuwo is characterized by the clash of tradition and modernity, which is evident in the city life. Many Himba people characterize the cityscape of Opuwo. Although they mostly do not live within the city, rather in their small settlements in the interior of the Kaokoveld, they often stay here to buy and sell.

Overnight: Campsite of Opuwo Country Lodge (B, M, A)


Tag 5: Opuwo - Epupa Wasserfall

Today we head high north to the Epupa Falls of the Kunene River, which forms the border river with Angola. With a loud roar, the floods plunge 50 meters into the depths. Our camp is picturesquely situated under palm trees, directly at the falls. For sundowner we enjoy the view of the waterfall.

Overnight: double room in chalet at Epupa Falls (F, M, A)


Tag 6: Epupa - Besuch eines traditionellen Himbadorfes

In the morning we will visit a Himba village. It is interesting to get an impression of the way of life of these people, who are still very attached to tradition. In the late afternoon, we climb a nearby hill from which there is an incredible view of the Epupa Falls.

Overnight: double room in chalet at Epupa Falls (F, M, A)


Tag 7: Epupa

We stay one more day in the green oasis at the Kunene. Early in the morning a local guide accompanies us on our hike along the Kunene River. We enjoy the river landscape and with a little luck we see crocodiles on the sandbanks. If you like you can refresh yourself in the afternoon in the natural pools – above the falls – or in the pool of the campsite.

Overnight: double room in chalet at Epupa Falls (F, M, A)


Tag 8: Epupa - Khowarib

A longer drive is on the agenda for today: from Epupa we will drive across the Kaokoveld. Via Opuwo, Klein Kaoko Otavi we reach the Khowarib Gorge. A charming canyon through which the Hoanibrivier has made its way over many years.

Overnight: Campsite in the Khowarib Gorge (B, M, A)


Tag 9: Ongongo Wasserfall

Today we visit another small paradise in the dry, dusty Kaokoveld. At the warm spring there is a possibility of a refreshing swim in the pool below the Ongongo waterfall.

Overnight: Campsite in the Khowarib or Ongongo Gorge (F, M, A)


Tag 10: Hoanib - Flusstal

Today it will be even more adventurous and dusty. In search of the endangered desert elephants and desert lions we drive through the spectacular landscapes of the Hoanib dry river to Amspor. With luck we meet small groups of the rare pachyderms under camel thorn trees.

Overnight: Campsite in the Khowarib or Ongongo Gorge (F, M, A)


Tag 11: Khowarib - Brandberg

Via Palmwag we drive through the breathtaking landscape of Damaraland to the Brandberg. The highest mountain in Namibia, the Brandberg, with 2570 m is our place for the next 2 days. Here, with a bit of luck, we will encounter desert elephants again during the game drives in the Ugab Rivier.

Overnight: Double room in Chalet/ Tented Camp of White Lady Lodge at Brandberg (F, M, A)


Tag 12: Brandberg

During a flora – fauna hike with a local guide at the Brandberg, we visit the famous rock painting of the “White Lady”, estimated to be about 4000 years old. However, this one does not represent a white lady but a hunter with ritual painting. In the afternoon you can enjoy the landscape of Damaraland or relax at the pool.

Overnight: Double room in Chalet/ Tented Camp of White Lady Lodge at Brandberg (F, M, A)


Tag 13: Brandberg - Omaruru

The safari is coming to an end. In the afternoon we drive back to Omaruru. Here we stay the last night and let the safari come to an end.

Overnight: double room in guesthouse in Omaruru with pool (F, M, A)


Day 14: Return flight

Drive to Windhoek and return flight


Price from: 2.950 € (for 4 persons) depending on travel time, type of accommodation and number of participants

Duration: 14 days from/ to Windhoek

Number of participants: Minimum 3 people

Travel dates 2019: The travel dates can be set individually upon request.

As with all our Rafiki X-Dream Safaris, we try to take your individual wishes into consideration.

Would you like a change of route, a shorter or longer tour, an exclusive safari for 2 people?
Stay in lodges, bungalows or tented camps?

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Löwin mit Jungen in der Etosha
Zebras im Etosha Nationalpark
Tüpfelhyäne im Etosha Nationalpark